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Fence Panel Accessories

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  1. 40 x Concrete Fence Feet Offer

    We are offering to supply these feet in pallets of 40 number only, so this price is to purchase 40 feet. We will not split or supply these in any number other than full packs of 40. These feet are heavy at 24kgs each which does make the fence line very sturdy.
  2. Thermo Plastic Block

    Thermo Plastic blocks have been designed to easily accept panels & gates Please Note: These items cannot be purchased without the corresponding number of Fence / Hording Panels
  3. Anti-Tamper Coupler

    Similar to the standard coupler
  4. Spanner

    For use with the Anti-Tamper Coupler
  5. Fence Stabiliser

    The Standard stabiliser can be used with either the fence panels or hoarding panels, and is attached to the top fence clip that joins the panels together. On the bottom of the Stabiliser is a base plate which can either be slid through an extra fence foot to add weight, or alternatively it also has pre drilled holes so can be pinned / bolted down if preferred.
  6. Heavy Duty Pin

    Used to pin the fence stabiliser into the ground.
  7. Pedestrian Gate

    Pedestrian gates come complete with castor wheel, latch and latch post, to provide simple but effective access for pedestrians, to any site.
  8. Debris Netting

    Protective cover to help prevent flying debris or materials from harming passers by. Please note that photographs are for Illustration purposes only.
  9. Vehicle Gate

    Vehicle gates come complete with castor wheels and latch, to provide simple access to any site.


    For use with a fence foot to help secure the fence line, 1 x 50kg Ballast block can also be used between the fence foot and stabiliser to add extra strength if required.
  11. 3.5M Reflective Strips PVC - (Delivered In Boxes of 5 number, minimum order of 15)

    3.5Mtr wide Reflective strip is designed to fit along the full length of each panel. These are easily attached by threading the strip through the mesh of the panel, and fasten using the belt type loop at the end. The minimum order is for 15 reflective strips, and the quantity can only be increased by 5 after the minimum order of 15..
  12. Anti-Lift Device

    Designed to stop the panel or gate from being lifted out of the Thermo Block
  13. Fence Extension Panel

    These provide additional height to any "square" panel
  14. Universal Fence Panel Stillage

    The Universal Panel Stillage can hold up to 30 No. Square or Round-top panels, thus freeing up storage space.
  15. Thermo Block Stillage

    The Block Stillage can hold up to 50 No. Blocks, thus freeing up storage space.
  16. SlotBlock Barrier - Minimum order quantity of 10 sets (Price does not include Panel)

    The slot block barrier is the only water filled barrier to hold a standard fencing panel to increase site safety, virtually eliminate potential trip hazards, and give added stability to fence panels.

    Gantry entrance panel
  18. Barbed Wire Extension (For All Panels)

    Allow up to 3 rows of barbed wire to be put across the top of fence panels or hoarding panels.
  19. Double Metal Foot

    For use with the Bar Barrier
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23 Item(s)